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Vacation Bible School
July 26 - 30
6:00 -8:30 pm
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Today we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. (Corpus Christi). We remember that Jesus will be with us to the end of time. He instituted the church and He instituted the Eucharist and Holy Orders. The priest have the power from Christ to change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus. It is the highest honor to attend and participate in the Eucharistic Banquet of the Lord. That should be the top priority to attend this banquet. No Sports or any other activity should take presidence over the Eucharist. How can we be fed spiritually to attain the graces of that sacrament to attain heaven. Just as fast food is harmful to the body, little or no spiritual food can starve us out of Eternal life.

Some of the immediate needs of St. Jerome parish is the resurfacing of the blacktop—about $10,000.00. new flooring about $20,000.00, and the balance of ACSA of $25,000.00. If we don’t get it in the collection, chances are we won’t get it. These are bills beyond salaries and maintenance. If you are not paying through ACH and you are gone any weekends, then we probably are not getting your contributions to pay the basics. Check and see what you have given to the Church over the past 5 years. If it is the same or less, then you probably have not taken ownership of your own parish. Your home expenses go up. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that your parish expenses also go up? It won’t take long for our savings to be depleted—then we we don’t get extra money, we go in debt. This is Your parish. Every parishioner that is working needs to take their parish finances seriously. God does not take a vacation from you and you are not to take a vacation from God.

MEMORIAL DAY; Almighty God, through the death of your Son on the cross you destroyed our death; through his rest in the tomb you hallowed the graves of all who believe in you; and through his rising again you restored us to eternal life. God of the living and the dead, accept our prayers for those who have died in Christ and are buried with him in the hope of rising again. Since they were true to your name on earth, let them praise you for ever in the joy of heaven. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Mission Statement
The Parish of St. Jerome is a Eucharistic community of faith responding to the Word of God, opening our doors and hearts to all who come in need or to worship. We provide uplifting and meaningful liturgy, faith formation, and social gatherings for people of all ages. We discover and share our gifts through prayer, social action, and stewardship as we journey to the kingdom.

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