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Today we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter and the World Day of Prayer. The first reading from Acts of the Apostles tells us clearly that there will be persecution against the church. From the Time of Paul and Barnabas to the present day there has been and is persecution. How strong are we to stand up against the present day persecutions---separation of church and state, abortion, bias against other ethnic groups, test tube babies, murder, slander, stealing, changing of natural law, and the list goes on. Are we as catholics firming standing against these things or do we become apathetic to these things and let them stand. Jesus tells us in the Gospel that He is the Good Shepherd. This means tuning our ears to Jesus’s voice and standing up for what he teaches. There will always be false teachings in the world. We must always be there to try to correct them into becoming what Jesus teaches us and live it accordingly.

Thanks to all who participate the the Sunday liturgies. With your presence and the ministries fulfilled, it makes the liturgies flow smoothly and become beautiful and meaningful liturgies. These liturgies energize our Faith and Spiritual Life so we can by word and example spread the Faith.

Time is beginning to run out on the bills for ACSA. Each parish is assessed 11.5% of the Sunday income to cover the expenses of the diocese. They are simply yearly bills that has to be paid. If we have to dip into savings to pay the balances, that well will run dry and then what. Each parish has repairs that need to be done and if the bills are not paid we can’t do the repairs. At St. Jerome’s we would like to do repairs and additions such as an elevator which so many are asking for or new flooring in the church. This is Your Church (all three) and we would like to keep things up and be able to comfortably pay our bills and expenses and build the savings so we can do the repairs and any needed remodeling that needs to be done. So prayerfully consider the needs of your parish and give of your own time and talents to the church. Then when involved, you will see the needs and be willing to support the work of the parish keep up your buildings.
Mission Statement
The Parish of St. Jerome is a Eucharistic community of faith responding to the Word of God, opening our doors and hearts to all who come in need or to worship. We provide uplifting and meaningful liturgy, faith formation, and social gatherings for people of all ages. We discover and share our gifts through prayer, social action, and stewardship as we journey to the kingdom.

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