General Policies at St. Jerome Parish

1. Smoking is not permitted in any building on parish property.

2. Alcohol is not permitted on parish property, with the exception of Sacramental wine used for the celebration of Eucharist at Mass.

3. Parish property (hall, parking lot, narthex) is off limits for non-parish fundraising activities. This includes sales of candy, pizza, raffle tickets, etc. to support non-parish groups (Girl Scouts, pom poms, band, etc.). Soliciting for Youth Ministry, St. Ann Council of Catholic Women, the Annual Chicken Dinner Raffle, the Knights of Columbus and St. John Neumann School fundraisers will be permitted but only through use of a table offering passersby the opportunity to participate. No face to face or direct soliciting is allowed.

4. No parish property is available for rent. Contact the Knights of Columbus for rental of tables and chairs OR a hall.

5. The use of skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles, scooters, etc. on parish property is not permitted (except for parish-sponsored events) due to insurance regulations.

6. The placing of flyers on cars in the parking lot is prohibited. If flyers are found on automobiles after Church events, they were placed there without the permission of the pastor, a permission that usually will not be given.