St. Jerome currently owns and operates two cemeteries – St. Jerome Cemetery, located on Troy-O’Fallon Road, and St. John the Baptist Cemetery, located on Lebanon Road. The management and operation of the cemeteries is governed through a joint venture of parish staff and a cemetery board, comprised of parishioners. Maintenance and landscaping for the cemeteries is also performed by the parish. The Board is currently in the process of creating formal policies and procedures to govern the operation and day-to-day management of the properties. Both properties have a number of plots currently available. Anyone interested in purchasing a plot or desiring to make any funeral-related arrangements is asked to contact:

Laurie Scott, Cemetery Manager
667-6571 x10
email: lscott@stjeromeparish.org

1. No mounds shall be permitted on any lot.
2. No wall or fence or coping shall be placed around a grave or lot.
3. Trees, shrubs or plants below the surface of the ground are prohibited.
4. Potted plants and flowers shall be placed only at the head of the grave immediately against the monument or head stone.
5. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove same, without notice, if so erected, planted, or placed.
6. There is a three day maximum for live flowers. Christmas blankets must be removed by March 1; Spring flowers must be removed by October 1.
7. The Cemetery Board is not responsible for containers left at the cemetery.
8. No glass containers are permitted.
9. Picnicking or partaking of any refreshments by visitors within the cemetery is prohibited.
10. Throwing of rubbish on roads, driveways, paths, walks or any part of the cemetery is prohibited. Receptacles for usual cemetery waste materials are located at convenient intervals.
11. The foundation for all monuments or stones must extend 6 inches beyond the base of the stone or monument. All footstones shall be ground level.
12. No grave shall be opened on any lot if there are any unpaid charges against the lot that have been incurred by the owner.
13. Cemetery hours will be from dawn until dusk.
14. No soliciting on cemetery grounds.
15. The parish reserves the right to review and approve the language and symbols on headstones or markers prior to their placement within parish cemeteries. The parish may refuse placement of any headstone or marker within parish cemetery that it deems inappropriate for any reason.